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CITES Scientific Authority (SA)

The Scientific Authority has an important role that is
essential for the effective implementation of CITES,
namely to advise the Manag y ement Authority whether
export of specimens would be detrimental to the
survival of the species in the wild
• The Scientific Authority also advises the
Management Authority on other scientific matters
Tasks of the Scientific Authority included in
Resolution Conf. 10.3
– Provide advice as to whether or Provide advice as to whether or not scientific institutions not scientific institutions
seeking registration meet the criteria established in
Resolution Conf. 11.15 (Rev. CoP12)
– Review applications submitted under Article VII, paragraphs
4 or 5 (is the facility capable of captive breeding or artificial
propagation?) - also in Resolution Conf. 12.10 (Rev. CoP14)
– Gather and analyze information on the biological status of Gather and analyze information on the biological status of
species affected by trade to assist in the preparation of
proposals to amend the Appendices
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