UV4Plants Bulletin (Lehti)

Aphalo, P. (Päätoimittaja (editor in chief))

Aktiviteetti: Julkaisun vertaisarvioinnin ja toimituksellisen työn tyypitTiedelehden toimittaja


The UV4Plants Bulletin (ISSN 2343-323X) is an open access journal of the UV4Plants Association, publishing both peer-reviewed articles and editorial-board-reviewed opinions, commentaries, profiles and news. Articles deal with any aspects of research on plants (terrestrial or aquatic) and ultraviolet radiation, including applications to plant production and related fields, teaching at all levels, science popularization and scientist-artist collaborations. Any content relevant or of interest to those doing such research is warmly welcome. The Bulletin does not aim at the publication of original research reports, instead, it aims at providing a forum for the exchange of the views and experiences that allow researchers and teachers to acquire expertise about carrying out research, learning, teaching and communication with the society at large.
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