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Aikajakso20 toukok. 2022

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Osallistuminen mediassa

  • NimiOn possibility of solidarity. How to support those who dare to stand against the war from the inside?
    Tunnustuksen arvoKansainvälinen
    Medianimi / kanavaSwedish School of Social Sciences
    Kesto / pituus / koko53 min
    KuvausIt seems that a vast majority of Russians are pro the Russian war on Ukraine. Various surveys in Russia tend to reproduce this picture by drawing a huge share of Russians (>80%) supporting the war. Yet, multiple critics and experts insist that we cannot trust these numbers as any quantitative research done in contemporary Russian settings is unreliable.

    However, no matter whose picture is wrong and whose is right, still there are people in Russia who dare to stand against the war. Many of them protest against the regime and its politics. The protests take various forms: from peaceful and almost invisible everyday actions to more active, loud and visible acts on the streets and squares of the cities. Shall we, those who are outside of Russia, support and solidarize with those who are resisting from inside? Shall we solidarize with all of them or just with those performing mass-scale resistance? How can we support them?

    Current episode is devoted to solidarity. It provides a discussion on possible forms of solidarity and support for those trapped inside Russia but who still resists Putin’s regime. Postdoctoral researcher Anna Avdeeva (Swedish School of Social Science) discusses these issues with Professor of Russian Law Marianna Muravyeva (Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki).
    Tuottaja / kirjoittajaAnna Avdeeva
    HenkilötMarianna Muravyeva