How does your dinner impact the world? - ExAlt Podcast Interview



ExAlt Podcast - This month we dive deep into the tangled web that is the food system. We talked with Rachel Mazac, MSc, who is a doctoral researcher in the Interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences Doctoral Programme (DENVI) at University of Helsinki. 


Rachel led us through some of the depth and complexity of the food system. In particular, we discussed some of the externalities that affect the functioning of the food system and how extractivism plays a huge role in the makeup of our modern foodscapes. In addition, she highlighted some of the alternatives to the globalized industrial food system. In particular we talked about the future of food systems and the role diet can play in the Anthropocene. One of the main takeaways from this month’s episode is the need for developing a deep understanding of context when striving for sustainable solutions to the problems in the global food system.

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  • NimiPodcast Episode - How does your dinner impact the world?
    Tunnustuksen arvoKansainvälinen
    Medianimi / kanavaExAlt Initiative Podcast
    Kesto / pituus / koko56 min
    Tuottaja / kirjoittajaGlobal Extractivisms and Alternatives Research Initiative
    HenkilötRachel Marie Mazac