Interview into documentary by Arte TV channel



Interview and shootings for a documentary on Lake Saimaa by Arte TV channel. This included interviews and shootings at the Rapids of Imatra and at the Lake Saimaa. 


The storyline of the documentary is based on our scientific publication "Event reconstruction through Bayesian chronology: Massive mid-Holocene lake-burst triggered large-scale ecological and cultural change" published in The Holocene journal in 2014. The paper established and proved a hypothesis that the water level decline of Ancient Lake Saimaa 5900 years ago due to Vuoksi breakthrough induced a cultural change from the Early Asbestos Ware to Typical Comb Ware culture and it was supported by the ecosystem change that the revealed lands caused.   


Aikajakso8 kesäkuuta 2017

Osallistuminen mediassa


Osallistuminen mediassa

  • NimiInterview by Arte TV channel
    Medianimi / kanavaArte
    Tuottaja / kirjoittajaPascal Cuissot
    HenkilötMarkku Oinonen