Miksi nationalismi ja oikeistopopulismi nousevat Euroopassa?


Aikajakso6 toukok. 2019

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Osallistuminen mediassa

  • NimiWhy are nationalism and right-wing populism rising in Europe?
    Tunnustuksen arvoKansallinen
    Medianimi / kanavaYle Areena
    Kesto / pituus / koko30 minutes
    KuvausAnti-Semitism, anti-Muslim, right-wing populism and violent extremism are all over Europe. The growth of nationalism is reflected in different ways in different countries. Poland's ruling Law and Justice Party wants to ban abortion altogether. In Hungary, Viktor Orban of the Fidez Party questions the role of the judiciary and free media. Nationalist parties have been on the rise. The Swedish Democrats in Sweden, Ekre in Estonia and the Finns in Finland have received relatively good results in the elections, with a good 17% support. France has long witnessed the rise of the far-right National Front led by Marine LePen. Why have nationalism and right-wing populism increased their support in Europe? Where does this come from? Finnish, German, Italian, Immigration-critical parties in Denmark and France plan to join forces after the EU elections in May. What would be the meaning of this merger? What did the Brexis teach about populism? In the studio, Niilo Kauppi, a research professor at the University of Strasbourg and the University of Jyväskylä, and Emilia Palonen, a university lecturer in political science from the University of Helsinki.
    Tuottaja / kirjoittajaInterviewed by Linda Pelkonen
    HenkilötEmilia Palonen