AI2D-RST: A multimodal corpus of 1000 primary school science diagrams

  • Tuomo Hiippala (Luoja)
  • Jonas Christian Haverinen (Avustaja (contributor))
  • Timo Johannes Kalliokoski (Avustaja (contributor))
  • Evanfiya Logacheva (Avustaja (contributor))
  • Serafina Orekhova (Avustaja (contributor))
  • Aino Maria Tuomainen (Avustaja (contributor))



AI2D-RST is a multimodal corpus of 1000 English-language diagrams that represent topics in primary school natural science, such as food webs, life cycles, moon phases and human physiology. The corpus is based on the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence Diagrams (AI2D) dataset, a collection of diagrams with crowd-sourced descriptions.

Building on the layout segmentation in AI2D, the AI2D-RST corpus presents a multi-layer annotation schema that provides a rich, graph-based description of diagram structure. The annotation was performed by trained experts.
Koska saatavilla2019
Tietojen luontipäivämäärä2019

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