The Nordic Priority Crop Wild Relative Dataset - version 2

  • Heli Fitzgerald (Luoja)
  • Anna Palme (Luoja)
  • Mora Aronsson (Avustaja (contributor))
  • Åsmund Asdal (Avustaja (contributor))
  • Kristina Bjureke (Avustaja (contributor))
  • Dag Endresen (Avustaja (contributor))
  • Magnus Göransson (Avustaja (contributor))
  • Marko Hyvärinen (Avustaja (contributor))
  • Elina Kiviharju (Avustaja (contributor))
  • Birgitte Lund (Avustaja (contributor))
  • Linn Borgen Nilsen (Avustaja (contributor))
  • Morten Rasmussen (Avustaja (contributor))
  • Hjörtur Þorbjörnsson (Avustaja (contributor))
  • Jens Weibull (Avustaja (contributor))
  • Peter Wind (Avustaja (contributor))



    The aim of this dataset is to provide a list of the Crop Wild Relatives (CWR) in the Nordic region that are most important for future food security, and to provide basic data on geographic distribution, gene pool affinity, invasiveness, and threat level. The dataset can serve as a basis for Nordic level, as well as national level, conservation planning and implementation.
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