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Environmental and Ecological Statistics

Integrating statistics with ecology and environmental sciences.

We aim to understand how ecological and environmental processes shape the world we live in. For this, we work in the interface of ecology and statistics. Our research interests span from statistical methods development to ecological research and environmental sciences. We also actively apply our research to more applied questions such as environmental management and risk assessment.

How do ecological and environmental processes shape the world we live in? How can we make solid inference and conclusions on these processes from data?

Our research can be broadly divided into two themes: 1) developing statistical methods for analysing ecological and environmental data and to support environmental management and decision-making and 2) ecological and environmental change research. There is a strong connection between these two main themes in all work we do. 

Due to our role in the interface between ecology and statistics, we are affiliated to two Departments of the University of Helsinki: the Organismal and Evolutionary Biology Research Program at the Faculty of Biosciences and Environmental Sciences, and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the Faculty of Science. We are also part of the Research Centre for Ecological Change, a large consortium of ecological change researchers.


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