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Cirtwill, A.R. (2020) Climate change ecology: Some food webs like it hotter Nature Climate Change: 10, 186-187. doi: 10.1038/s41558-020-0706-3

Cirtwill, A.R., Dalla Riva, G.V., Baker, N.J., Ohlsson, M., Norström, I., Wohlfarth, I.M., Thia, J.A. & Stouffer, D.B. (2020). Related plants tend to share pollinators and herbivores, but strength of phylogenetic signal varies among plant families. New Phytologist: 226, 909-920. doi: doi.org/10.1111/nph.16420

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Stouffer, D.B., Cirtwill, A.R., & Bascompte, J. (2014) How exotic plants integrate into pollination networks. Journal of Ecology: 102(6), 1442-1450.

Selected Scholarships and Grants

2012-2016NSERC Postgraduate Student Research Awards

2012-2015University of Canterbury Graduate Scholarship

2011-2012Hugh P. Bell Scholarship (Dalhousie University)

2008-2011NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards

2007-2011Millennium Foundation National Award


Education and Employment

Postdoctoral fellow Stockholm University, Sweden



Postdoctoral fellow Linköping University, Sweden



PhD – ecology University of Canterbury, New Zealand

2012-2016 Supervisor: Daniel B. Stouffer


BSc (hons) – biology and statisticsDalhousie University, Canada 

2007-2012 Supervisor: Tamara N. Romanuk

Selected Conference talks

Cirtwill, A.R. (2018) Structural variation in Baltic Sea food webs. British Ecological Society Quantitative Ecology Group, St. Andrews, Scotland.

Cirtwill, A.R. & Eklöf, A. (2018) Which traits of marine species explain the most variation in their food-web roles? Nordic Society Oikos, Trondheim, Norway.

Cirtwill, A.R. & Eklöf, A. (2017) Which traits of marine species explain the most variation in their food-web roles?. 3rd Symposium on Ecological Networks and Molecular Analysis of Trophic Interactions, Uppsala, Sweden.

Cirtwill, A.R. & Eklöf, A. (2017) Which traits of marine species explain the most variation in their food-web roles?. Ecological Society of America, Portland, U.S.A.

Cirtwill, A.R., Baker, N.J., Dalla Riva, G.V., & Stouffer, D.B. (2015) Sibling rivalry: Related plants in particular clades are much less likely to share similar pollinators or herbivores than predicted by their phylogeny. Ecological Society of America, Baltimore.

Cirtwill, A.R. & Stouffer, D.B. (2015) Including species' interactions improves the predictions of the theory of island biogeography. Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution, Saskatoon. Invited talk.

Cirtwill, A.R. & Stouffer, D.B. (2014) Concomitant predation links have unique structural roles within food webs. Ecological Society of America, Sacramento.


Anna Eklöf

Assistant Professor, Linköping University



Jason Tylianakis 

Professor, University of Canterbury 



Daniel Stouffer

Senior Lecturer, University of Canterbury


Koulutus / tieteellinen pätevyys

Biology, Statistics, BSc - honours

Myöntöpäivä: 23 toukok. 2012

Ecology, PhD, Univ Canterbury, University of Canterbury

Myöntöpäivä: 2 tammik. 2012


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