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My research themes:  

  • Research on educational interaction from early education to youth work contexts, particularly processes of student agency and engagement
  • Cultural-historical (CHAT) research on adult-child joint play and play-based pedagogies
  • Research on educational change and interventions, teachers’ professional development, dialectical contradictions in teachers’ work, and discursive methodologies in understanding sustained change in work practices

Distinctive to my research is to conduct methodologically rigorous empirical research that contributes to educational theory development with impact on educational practice. Characteristic to me as an academic scholar is to deeply engage with innovative pedagogical environments and educational settings that exceed typical institutional boundaries of education, and to ’live through’ and analyze together with the participating practitioners and the children the challenges and potentials they face when developing their practice. I am interested in the dialectical processes of institutional educational change from the perspective of practitioners and students and their agency development.


Teaching expertise:

  • Educational Psychology
  • Early Education and Care
  • Classroom Teacher Education
  • Phenomenon-Based Learning
  • Play-Based Pedagogies
  • Childhood Studies
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Video-based participatory ethnography
  • Activity theory and socio-cultural paradigm


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