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My current work concentrates around making sense of environmental politics and related policy processes. More specifically, I look at complex networks of relationships to analyse the social behaviour of various actors and stakeholders, much of which translates into the policy outcome. I engage in both conceptual development and analysis of empirical data from various sources, including media (legacy and social), interviews, and surveys. I have published in international scientific journals about phenomena such as social learning and coalition building in climate and land use politics, and about the impact pathways of large-scale land-based investments.

My work currently contributes to two ongoing projects: Scientific Knowledge and Political Networks in National Climate Policy (KONE Foundation) and Echo Chambers, Experts, and Activists: Networks of Mediated Political Communication (Academy of Finland). Plus, I engage in higher education by serving as an instructor on the courses Special Issues in Governance and Organisations: Political Networks and Advanced Research Methods: Network Analysis. I am a member of the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS).

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Forest economics, PhD, Helsingin yliopisto

Myöntöpäivä: 3 maalisk. 2020

Forest economics, MSc, Helsingin yliopisto

Myöntöpäivä: 22 huhtik. 2015


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