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Charlotte Angove

Tvärminne Zoological Station, J.A. Palménin Tie 260, 10900 Hanko, Finland

+358 40 643 3609



PhD studies June 2015 – present. This PhD has a strong emphasis on collecting empirical data from natural aquatic plant communities. I am thoroughly enjoying my PhD, where I continue to build a valuable skillset for scientific research. I am now highly experienced at field work using SCUBA, organising and leading teamwork-based field experiments and I have expanded my efficiency at laboratory and data analysis techniques. I have co-led a collaborative research project with researchers from Stockholm University (PlantFish team) and I have assisted in an additional research project with researchers from the University of Western Australia (seagrass team). I have learnt a lot from working with these research teams because of their very different approaches to understanding the same ecosystem which we are investigating in our research team at Tvärminne.


Masters Research Project October 2014 – May 2015. My Masters project was titled, ‘Phosphorus availability on the ability for seagrass to accumulate carbon’. I analysed samples received from Zanzibar and conducted a meta-analysis of literature. My former supervisor is writing a paper based on the meta-analysis.


R.V. Prince Madog vessel experience 21-25/08/14, 22-26/07/14, 27/10/12, 05/11/12. A variety of roles on both physical ocean sciences and marine biological cruises in the Irish Sea; either as a student or as a voluntary sea-going scientist. I led a marine mammal survey for the Seawatch Foundation on one of the extended cruises. Working on R.V. Prince Madog has helped me to work well as part of a team in a dynamic environment.

Nature Resources Wales volunteerOctober 2013 – May 2015. I was part of the ‘Shore thing’ group that surveys rocky shore wildlife around North Wales to monitor community changes.

Virginia Institute of Marine Science 31/08 -12/09/13. University field study module abroad. I attended the laboratory early in the morning to assist with husbandry of salt marsh fish before scheduled work.

Bangor University Summer Internship 10/06 - 19/07/13.  My placement was ‘Predicting variations in the organic matter content of marine sediments’ in the Marine Biogeochemistry laboratory. I learnt engineering and maintenance skills, and I adapted well to the chemistry-orientated environment after coming from a biological background. The placement was facilitated by the Cemlyn Jones summer bursary award (£1000).

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Ongoing projects 


Relationships between plant traits and ecosystem processes along environmental gradients in temperate plant communities (2015-present). Led by Camilla Gustafsson.



Angove C., Norkko A., Gustafsson, C. Assessing the efficiencies and challenges for nutrient uptake by aquatic plants. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 507 (2018), pp. 23-30.

Recent academic qualifications

Master of Marine Biology degree (MMBiol); Bangor University, North Wales. First-class honours (2011 - 2015).

A-level courses; Fulford School and Sixth Form, York (2009 - 2011):

  • A-level Biology, Chemistry and Psychology; A*, A, B. AS level Mathematics (statistics); B.



Other qualifications


Recent awards and grants

Media presence


HBL newspaper, 10/07/16, ‘Doktoranden dyker ner I trädgården’. Article: (Accessed 29/09/16).


Bangor University Graduation News,17/07/15, ‘Fantastic Finnish Opportunity for Charlotte’. Article:

opportunity-for charlotte-23394 (Accessed 29/09/16).




Reference 1:     Dr Camilla Gustafsson (PhD supervisor; since June 2015)



Reference 2:     Professor Alf Norkko (PhD supervisor; since June 2015)



Koulutus / tieteellinen pätevyys

Marine Biology, Masters degree (MMBiol), Bangor University

1 syysk. 201131 toukok. 2015

Myöntöpäivä: 1 heinäk. 2015


  • 1181 Ekologia, evoluutiobiologia

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