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Central to my work is the question of how race, class, and gender are revised and remade in the contexts of East-West migration, and how global and local processes of racialisation produce valued and devalued categories of workers. My research has examined young post-Soviet migrants’ “claims to whiteness” en route to the imagined “West”, and the commodified inclusion in the low-paid gendered racial economy. In my work, I locate postsocialist migration and “Eastern Europe” in the global racial orders to analyse racialised subjects' own active participation in sustaining racial hierarchies as they try to fashion themselves as Europeans 'proper'. I did ethnographic research in Helsinki and Warsaw.  

Currently, I lead a project "Life-Breaking and Life-Making: Social Reproduction and Survival in Times of Collapse" (2023-2026, Kone Foundation, project members: Olga Tkach and Roman Urbanowicz)

Peer reviewed journal articles

 2020                “Swedish Surnames, British Accents: Passing among post-Soviet Migrants in Helsinki, Finland”, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 43(16): 388-406

 2020                Krivonos, D., Diatlova A. “What to wear for whiteness? The ‘whore stigma’ and the East/West politics of race, sexuality and gender, Intersections: Journal of East European Society and Politics,  6(3): 116–132.

 2020                Kangas, A., Krivonos, D., Perheentupa I., Pascucci E. “Escaping a migrant metropolis: Saint Petersburg through the art project Nasreddin in Russia”, The City: Analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action, 24(3-4): 431-451

 2020                Paju, E., Näre, L., Haikkola, L., Krivonos, D. “Human capitalization in activation: investing in the bodies, selves and skills of unemployed youth in Finland”, European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology, 7(1): 7-28

 2019                Krivonos, D., Näre, L. “Imagining the ‘West’ in the context of global coloniality: the case of post-Soviet youth migration to Finland”, Sociology, 53(6): 1177-1193

 2019                “The making of gendered ‘migrant workers’ in youth activation: the case of young Russian-speakers in Finland”, Current Sociology, 67(3): 401-418

 2019                Kangas, A., Krivonos, D., Perheentupa, I., Särmä, S. “Smashing containers, Queering the international through collaging”, International Feminist Journal of Politics, 21(3): 355-382,

 2018                “Claims to whiteness: Young unemployed Russian-speakers’ de-classificatory struggles in Finland”, The Sociological Review, 66(6): 1145-1160

 2016                “And After That We All Became Like Brothers’: Emotions, Affectivity and Communication In a Pro-governmental Youth Movement In Russia”, Young: Nordic Journal of Youth Research, 24(2): 102-117

 2015                “(Im)mobile Lives: Young Russian Women’s Narratives of Work-citizenship Insecurities in Finland”, Sosiologia, 52(4): 350-363

PhD Thesis

Migrations on the Edge of Whiteness: Young Russian-speaking migrants in Helsinki, Finland (University of Helsinki, 2019, Pass with Distinction) 

Book Chapters

2022            “In Pursuit of Western modernity: Russian-speaking migrants Claiming Whiteness in Helsinki, Finland”, in Ed. by A. Imre, J. Mark., C. Baker, B. Christian, Historising Whiteness in Eastern Europe, Manchester University Press, forthcoming

2021            "Valkoisuus, luokka ja rodullinen eriarvoisuus työmarkkinoilla" (Whiteness, class and racialised inequalities in the labour market), in ed. by Keskinen, S., Seikkula, M., Mkwesha, F., Helsinki: Gaudeamus

2019                “Welfare Chauvinism at the Margins of Whiteness: Young Unemployed Russian-Speakers’ Negotiations of Worker-Citizenship in Finland”, in ed. by Toivanen M., Dis Skaptadottir U., Keskinen S. Cultural Homogeneity, Difference and Securitisation in the Nordic Region, Routledge, pp. 103-118


Publications in the Media

2022              Interview for Le Monde 

2021             “Hybrid” human rights? How speaking of “hybrid warfare” masks the violence of EU borders beyond Belarus. Anti-Racist Research Network Raster

2020               Ukrainian farm workers and Finland’s regular army of labourAnti-racist research network Raster.fi 

2020                Interview for Iltasanomat, Ukrainian agricultural workers in Finland https://www.is.fi/taloussanomat/art-2000006503743.html

2020                White nation and anti-racist lessons for feminism, Astra 4/2020

2020                The pursuit of Europeanness in East-West migrations, Liikkeessä Yli Rajojen Blog, https://liikkeessaylirajojen.fi/the-pursuit-of-europeanness-in-east-west-migrations/

2020                Riippuvuuteen vietellyt [Seduced into Dependency, reflections on Alina Rudnitskaya’s “School of Seduction” Film] Ilmiö media https://ilmiomedia.fi/artikkelit/docpoint-riippuvuuteen-vietellyt-school-of-seduction/

2019                Conversation on Global Capitalism, Colonialism and Borders between Nicholas De Genova, Olivia Maury and Daria Krivonos, Kontur Magazine, 7 http://khaospublishing.com/product/kontur-7/

2019                Introduction (with Olivia Maury), Kontur Magazine, 7

2019                Kuka kelpaa suomalaisille työmarkkinoille? [Who is suitable for the Finnish labour market?] Politiikasta.fi https://politiikasta.fi/kuka-kelpaa-suomalaisille-tyomarkkinoille/

2018               “Whiteness as a privilege and a struggle”, Anti-racist research network Raster.fi https://raster.fi/2017/05/11/whiteness-as-a-privilege-and-a-struggle/

Teaching (postgraduate) 

Europe, Migration and Global Coloniality (convener and lecturer, IV period 2020-2021; II period 2021-2022)

 Subversive Soviologies: Re-imagining Sociological Canons (convener and lecturer, II period 2018-2019; II period 2019-2020)

 Sociology of Migration (convener and lecturer)

 Key Concepts in Sociology (convener and lecturer)

PhD Committee Memberships 

Ali Ali 

Larisa Shpakovskaya 



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Sociology, PhD (with distinction), Migrations on the Edge of Whiteness: Young Russian-speaking migrants in Helsinki , Helsingin yliopisto

Myöntöpäivä: 31 elok. 2019


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