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     Dusica Ristivojevic 杜娟華joined the Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Arts Studies in 2016. At the UH she has been teaching on social activism, decolonial theory and practices, cyberworlds and feminism. In 2019, supported by the Kone Foundation Bold Initiatives Grant, she started her new research project: she will be working silently and diligently, and will write and talk a lot about it in 2022.

     Before moving to Helsinki, Dusica worked as a lecturer in International Development at Dong-A University , South Korea, a lecturer in Gender Studies at the Central European University, Hungary, and as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica, Taiwan. She was a Chevening Fellow at the University of Oxford, MOFA Taiwan Fellow at the National Taiwan Normal University, and has served as a consultant for a number of in/formal organizations based in East Asia.

     Dusica works in the areas of interdisciplinary Chinese studies, media studies, and international relations. She wrote and spoke on a number of topics: from China´s repositioning in the modern world order, transnational social organizing, and politics of women´s and human rights, to the unconventional writing of China’s political history, dis/connections between education and social engagement, and the absence of the “second world” in de- and post/colonial discussions.

     She is finishing her book manuscript on transnational links of China’s political movements, and is observing China’s presence at Europe's Eastern peripheries in the fields of dirty industry and digital technology.

     For a number of years she has been building the archives for a research on the past and present of the All-China Women’s Federation; conducting digital ethnography and PAR of China-related regional and transnational social activism; and thinking about esthetics, affect and popular culture. These are only some of the topics she wants to address in more depth in the future.

Tutkimuksen ja opetuksen kuvaus

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