Valokuva Elina Lahelma

Elina Lahelma, Professor emerita (education)

Docent (sociology of education)

1971 …2023

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My focus of research is in sociology of education, gender studies in education and ethnographic methodologies. I have conducted research on educational policies, curriculum and school textbooks, ethnographic studies in secondary schools and longitudinal life history research on young people's transitions into adulthood.

In the 2000s I have been responsible leader in the project Gender Awareness in Teacher Education (Ministry of Education 2008-2010) and in several projects of the Academy of Finland.

I am a member of the Nordic Centre of Excellence Justice through Education in the Nordic Countries ( (2012-2018)

The latest project was Citizenship, Agency and Difference in Upper Secondary Education – with Special Focus on Vocational Institutions (Academy of Finland 2010-2013).

I am responsible for the Unit of Cultural and Feminist Studies in Education, Institute of Behavioural Sciences.

I am member of the Nordic Centre of Excellence JustEd Justice through Educacation in the Nordic countries


Responsible leader at the NordForsk network NordCrit ( and senor member at the Nordic Centre of Excellence JustEd (


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