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The research projects of the group are related to cancer biology, cell differentiation, and drug discovery and development. Currently, in addition to PI (Hannu Koistinen), one PhD student (Laura Hautala) is working in the group.

Prostatic proteases: Functions and targets for treatment of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is a considerable healthcare problem that causes over 70 000 deaths annually in the EU countries alone and affects the life of 1 of every 7 man. In order to reduce the costs and side effects of treatment and to avoid unnecessary treatment, it is desirable to develop alternative non-invasive therapies and to improve the diagnostic methods.

Proteolytic enzymes (proteases) are useful markers for diagnostics and targets for treatment of prostate cancer. The prostate produces several highly prostate-specific proteases, the most abundant being PSA (KLK3) and hk2 (KLK2), which are potential targets for tumor imaging and treatment. PSA has been shown to reduce angiogenesis and formation of metastases, and hK2 is participating in proteolytic cascades that could promote tumor spread.

We study the functions of these and other proteins, e.g., trypsin and tumor associated trypsin inhibitor (TATI or SPINK1), in prostate and particularly in prostate cancer. We have developed peptides, which modulate the activities of PSA, hK2 and trypsin, and we hypothesize that peptides or peptidomimetic compounds based on these can be used for treatment of prostate cancer. The peptide leads are developed towards drug molecules in an international collaborative project lead by Dr. Koistinen.

This project is planned to be expanded to address the significance of all human proteases, collectively called the degradome, in prostate cancer. To this end novel organotypic models that facilitate high-throuhput RNA-interference based analysis of the effects of proteases will be developed in a collaborative effort.

The role of growth-restricting glycodelin in breast cancer

Glycodelin is a lipocalin family glycoprotein expressed mainly in reproductive tissues. In collaboration with William Yeung's group at University of Honk Kong we have found several reproduction related functions for glycodelin. Interestingly, these functions are regulated by glycodelin's glycosylation, i.e., different glycoforms have different activities.

Currently, the main project is related to glycodelin's role in cell differentiation and breast cancer. We have found that transgenic exression of glycodelin in carcinoma cells results in cell differentiation towards normal and less malignant phenotype. Furthermore, glycodelin reduces tumor growth in a preclinical in vivo model. These findings suggest that glycodelin acts as a tumor suppressor in breast cancer.



Several protein chemistry, molecular biology and cell culture techniques are employed by the group. Group participates in the development of clinical assays for the studied proteins. The collaborative project in drug development offers a good perspective to drug discovery and development.


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Kansainvälinen ja kotimainen yhteistyö Viimeisin maatasolla toteutettu yhteistyö. Saat syvempiä lisätietoja pisteitä napsauttamalla.

Julkaisut 1994 2019

Glycodelin-A stimulates the conversion of human peripheral blood CD16(-)CD56(bright) NK cell to a decidual NK cell-like phenotype

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Tutkimustuotos: ArtikkelijulkaisuArtikkeliTieteellinenvertaisarvioitu

Hyperglycosylated hCG activates LH/hCG-receptor with lower activity than hCG

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Tutkimustuotos: ArtikkelijulkaisuArtikkeliTieteellinenvertaisarvioitu

Open access

KLK3/PSA and cathepsin D activate VEGF-C and VEGF-D

Jha, S. K., Rauniyar, K., Chronowska, E., Mattonet, K., Maina, E., Koistinen, H., Stenman, U. H., Alitalo, K. & Jeltsch, M., 17 toukokuuta 2019, julkaisussa : eLife. 8, 30 Sivumäärä, 44478.

Tutkimustuotos: ArtikkelijulkaisuArtikkeliTieteellinenvertaisarvioitu

Open access

Prostate Cancer Risk-Associated Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism Affects Prostate-Specific Antigen Glycosylation and Its Function

PRACTICAl Consortium, tammikuuta 2019, julkaisussa : Clinical Chemistry (Washington, DC). 65, 1, s. E1-E9 9 Sivumäärä

Tutkimustuotos: ArtikkelijulkaisuArtikkeliTieteellinenvertaisarvioitu

An immunocapture-LC-MS-based assay for serum SPINK1 allows simultaneous quantification and detection of SPINK1 variants

Ravela, S., Valmu, L., Domanskyy, M., Koistinen, H., Kylänpää, L., Lindström, O., Stenman, J., Hämäläinen, E., Stenman, U-H. & Itkonen, O., helmikuuta 2018, julkaisussa : Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. 410, 6, s. 1679-1688 10 Sivumäärä

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Open access


Poul Astrup prize (3rd prize)

Hannu Koistinen (Vastaanottaja), 2008

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Aktiviteetit 2000 2014

ASCB Annual Meeting 2014

Hannu Koistinen (Posteriesitys)

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AACR Annual Meeting 2014, poster presentation

Hannu Koistinen (Posteriesitys)

Aktiviteetti: Tapahtumaan osallistumisen ja tapahtuman järjestämisen tyypitKonferensseihin, kursseille ja seminaareihin osallistuminen ja näiden järjestäminen

Member of thesis committee

Hannu Koistinen (Jäsenyys seurantaryhmässä)

Aktiviteetti: TutkimustyypitVäitöskirjatyön seurantaryhmän jäsen

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry (Lehti)

Hannu Koistinen (Arvioitsija (reviewer))

Aktiviteetti: Julkaisun vertaisarvioinnin ja toimituksellisen työn tyypitKäsikirjoitusten vertaisarviointi

Pre-examiner of PhD thesis

Hannu Koistinen (Esitarkastaja)

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