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Henkilökohtainen profiili


Heidi Kovanen (MA, University of Helsinki) is an archaeologist specializing in the southern Levantine Iron Age. She has studied Classical Archaeology, Art History, Museology, African Studies and – to a lesser extent – Comparative Literature and Journalism at the Universities of Helsinki and Jyväskylä and worked in various interdisciplinary research projects and institutes around the Mediterranean. Since her Master’s thesis, which concentrated on social space and its formation in medieval castles, Heidi has developed a strong research interest in both architectural and archaeological theory and now focuses her attention on promoting interdisciplinary research in the Arts and Humanities. Her current research project (2018–2022) is a doctoral dissertation that aims at furthering gender archaeological theories of the southern Levant from the point of view of Iron Age burials.


  • 615 Historia ja arkeologia
  • Kuolema ja hautaaminen
  • Identiteetit
  • Sukupuoli
  • Lähi-idän tutkimus
  • Rautakausi
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