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Heli Korkka-Knuts

Yliopistonlehtori, rikos- ja prosessioikeus, Faculty of Law, Dosentti (rikosoikeus), Turun yliopisto

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I work as a University Lecturer in criminal and procedural law at the Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki. My research covers empirically oriented and doctrinal criminal law and criminal policy with a specific focus on corporate environments. The leading theme in my recent research has been to combine behavioural empirical data accumulated in various disciplines, regulatory theory, and doctrinal research into a novel behavioural approach in corporate sanctioning. I have experience of multidisciplinary research settings combining empirical methodologies and legal research.

I currently work on as a workpackage PI in the project "Towards a fairer and more coherent system of administrative sanctions" (SYSADMIN) funded by the Academy of Finland. 

I'm the co-author of Yleinen rikosoikeus (2020 Edita Publishing), which is one of the most established handbooks covering criminal liability doctrine in Finland. I completed my doctoral thesis in the field of corporate criminal law in May 2015. The doctoral thesis was awarded for the best doctoral dissertation by the Finnish Lawyers' Association in 2016. 

I have extensive previous private sector experience working as an attorney-at-law in corporate law firms, which background I consider essential for my researcher profile. 




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Dosentti , Faculty of Law, University of Turku


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  • Criminal law and other criminal sciences
  • Corporate Criminal Liability
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

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