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Ideals and practices of journalism; Participation and news making; Innovation of journalism; Identities, localities and media; Discursive approaches to journalism; Learning and teaching journalism

My current research project focuses on ideals and practices of journalism. The primary interest is to explore how dialogue and autonomy are (re)constructed and (re)organized within journalism and with what professional and societal consequences. By discussing the question in wider cultural and transnational context, the study aims at illuminating how the professional self-understanding of journalists is being negotiated as a meaning-making process across time and place, in and through which idea(l)s and practices are included or excluded, valued or marginalized. I also wish to deepen the understanding of how professionalism, its tradition, media markets, ownership, and the organizational, cultural, and societal factors affect the discourses and practices of autonomy and dialogue. Such an approach may also be fruitful in seeking to understand how journalistic profession and professional power and authority operate.



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Journalistiikka, FT

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Toimittajakoulutuksen neuvottelukunnan puheenjohtaja, Toimittajakoulutuksen neuvottelukunta

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