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Currently, I work as coordinator of University of Helsinki's Wild Animal Phenotyping infrastructure

Research at University of Helsinki:
Morphology, microevolutionary change:

  • Parallel evolutionary change of spring and lake populations of amphipod Pallaseopsis quadrispinosa in Finland (with Risto Väinölä)
  • Facial morphology correlates of behaviour of modern humans


  • Forest integrity effects on mammalian habitat use
  • Thermal detection of Lapwing nests using unmanned aerial vehicles

Human life history:

  • I am the creator and manager of a large database for human life-history research. The MiKARELIA database has been digitized from records of Finnish forced migrants. This database has been central to projects based on 

 Teaching at University of Helsinki:

  • ECGS-024 , Technology in Ecological Research and Environmental Monitoring,   responsible teacher/organizer. 
  • Mammal ecology course (523126), visiting lecturer

I have developed the international internship program at LBS. Since it's inception in 2015 this program is quickly growing and provides a much needed study opportunity for exchange and visiting students at UH. 


Jaakko Junikka (2015- 2018, PhD)

Francesca Malcangi (2021-, PhD)

Jenni Kauppi (2021-, PhD)

Ossian Witting (2023, MSc)

Marina Vilalta (2023- MSc)

Erminia Scarpulla (2017, MSc)

Lauri Aho (2017-18, MSc)

Ophelie Huet (2018, MSc)

Bastien Parisy (2019, MSc)

Jenni Kauppi (2020, MSc)

Julien Salandre (2015, MSc)



Outreach (YVV)

My research as well as my work at LBS has been featured in many national and international media outlets. I have also been active in the local community, through visits to high school students and making sure the Station is represented at local events. With funding from Nessling and Wihuri foundations I have spearheaded a project to make a new science nature trail at LBS that will give all visitors a chance to get to know the research done at UH and let them have the opportunity to be acitive citizen scientists. 









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