Henkilökohtainen profiili


Jyrki Knuutila (born 1953 in Helsinki, Finland) is Professor of Practical Theology, in the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Theology since 2012. Earlier in his career, Professor Knuutila has served as temporary Professor and Deputy Assistant Professor, University Lecturer and Assistant of Practical Theology 1982–2011.


Professor Knuutila is the Responsible Department Officer of Department of Practical Theology in the Faculty of Theology since 2011. He is Member of the Faculty Council Committee of Student Affairs. In 2005–2007, Professor Knuutila has worked as member of board of a project called ”Penitentiarieprojektet i Riksarkivet Stockholm”, funded by the Swedish foundation “Vitterhetsakademien och Riksbankens jubileumsfond”.


Professor Knuutila was nominated to a member of delegation and working group for the Agricola 2007 jubilee year (by the Ministry of Education founded) in the years 2005–2008. Since 2013, he was also nominated to a member of delegation for the Reformation jubilee year 2017. In those occupations, Professor Knuutila had several expert duties. He has also been the chairperson of the Mikael Agricola Society since 2008.


Professor Knuutila has been a member of the council of the Society for Church History since 2009 and auditor in 1991–2013. He has lead the project concerning the Vyborg Old Cathedral multidisciplinary research, a project funded by the Alfred Kordelinin foundation. This project requires (in addition to a Finnish research project) negotiations and contracts with the Russian part, since the object of research is located in Vyborg. On the Russian side there are the City of Vyborg, the District of Vyborg, the Leningrad Oblast, and the representatives of the State of Russia involved.


Professor Knuutila has got twice the grant for Senior Researcher by the Academy of Finland. The Nordic Academy of Science has also funded one of his research works. The multidisciplinary research group led by him has twice received a grant from the Alfred Kordelin foundation. In addition, Professor Knuutila has received research grants from several different foundations for his studies.


Professor Knuutila was a deputy member at board of the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences in 2005–2008. In the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Finland he has worked as a member at the Church’s Board for Liturgy and Music (KJM), 2000–2012 and as an expert in several working groups. Moreover, he was a member and deputy chairperson of the Theological Education Committee of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Finland in 2001–2004.


  • 614 Teologia
  • Liturgiikka
  • homiletiikka
  • kirkko-oikeus
  • kirkkoarkkitehtuuri ja taide
  • keski- ja reformaatioajan kirkollinen käytäntö
  • keskiaikaiset käsikirjoitukset
  • Pyhimyskultit