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  • Subject: Philosophy of education.  A lecture on The philosophy of Critical Pedagogy Spring 2013 Level: subject related studies at Institute of Behavioral sciences, University of Helsinki
  • Subject: Philosophy of education:  A lecture: Paulo Freire´s philosophy of hope, Fall 2015 at faculty of Social sciences University of Helsinki
  • Subject: Philosophy of education.  A lecture: Synthesizing Carlos A. Torres´s, and Paulo Freire´s critical educational theories, fall 2016 at faculty of Social Sciences University of Helsinki
  • Subject: Philosophy of education. A lecture: Carlos Alberto Torres´s Critical Modernism and notion of Educational Justice, fall 2016  at faculty of Social Sciences University of Helsinki
  •  A 3.3. Subject: Research methods. A course on Quantitative analysis Fall 2014   Level: subject related studies at University of Helsinki

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I´m a PhD researcher at University of Helsinki, the Department of Education at the faculty of Educational sciences. I do my doctoral study in a research group "Cross-sectoral Policies and Educational Practices in the era of Marketization" (CRISP) which is a part of AGORA research center for the study of social justice and equality in education, which also serves as a regional center of the Nordic centre of Excellence Justice Through Education in the Nordic Countries.

My study explores democratic education from the standpoint of the philosophy of Critical Pedagogy. My special focus is on ethical and political commitments underlying Critical Pedagogy, dialectics as theory of subject´s consciousness, and world of structure, and power, the notions of radical democracy, and political injustice. I also scrutiny contemporary political sciences such as feminist-political epistemologies, theories of justice, and democracy and how these may contribute to Critical Pedagogy as democratic education.

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The working title of doctoral dissertation: “Democratic Education beyond the philosophy of Critical Pedagogy”

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Democratic Education, Citizenship Education, Democratic Citizenship, Philosophy of Critical Padagogy, Paulo Freire

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