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Tumor Genomics research group (Kasvaingenomiikan tutkimusryhmä)

Tumor Genomics research group (Kasvaingenomiikan tutkimusryhmä) works in close contact with clinical researchers to unravel molecular background of human tumor susceptibility, utilizing tools provided by the Human Genome Project and other recent advances in biosciences. The aim is to create information on human tumorigenesis and to facilitate cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.


The research of the group focuses on human tumor susceptibility. Particular focus of interest has been hereditary colorectal cancer, where the group has contributed to several key discoveries; see the link for selected publications. Molecular background events in microsatellite unstable colorectal cancer is one of our long term interests.

More recently, we have identified and characterized a novel cancer predisposition syndrome, hereditary leiomyomatosis and renal cell cancer (HLRCC), and with our collaborators identified the gene behind the condition as fumarase (see publications). The most recent gene discovery is identification of germline mutations in the AIP gene in pituitary adenoma predisposition, published in Science 2006.

The future focus is in utilizing registry-based approaches to identify unique cancer family materials, for chip-based analysis and disease gene identification. Finland provides excellent resources for this work, and an effort to systematically utilize the National Cancer Registry (operating since 1953) and Population Registry databases in cancer gene identification is being launched.

This group is also one of six groups forming the Academy of Finland 's Center of Excellence in Translational Genome-Scale Biology, as well as a member of the Nordic Network of Excellence in Disease Genetics 2004-2009. MD PhD Maija Kiuru from the Aaltonen group received the University of Helsinki Thesis Prize 2004. The group was short-listed for the 2005 Descartes Prize.

The group was also honoured with the University of Helsinki Occupational Safety and Health Award 2005 (Yliopiston työsuojelupalkinto 2005). This prize is awarded yearly by the Labour Protection Committee of the University of Helsinki for improving quality, safety, and atmosphere of the working environment.


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