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Liisa Maanavilja

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In my scientific life, I am interested in ecosystem functioning and, in particular, peatlands. Currently I am working on a PhD on restoration of drained boreal spruce swamp forests.

Spruce swamp forests have been restored in Finland since the 1990s by filling the ditches. This should restore the original hydrology and tree stand structure, while the ultimate restoration goal is a functional ecosystem that can maintain viable populations of its characteristic species. In my PhD thesis I quantify restoration success by comparing sites with different number of years since restoration to pristine and drained sites, using variables on ecosystem structure and functioning. The study of restoration succession provides information for practical restoration, while it is also an opportunity to study patterns of ecosystem functioning, structure and diversity after disturbance for a more general context.

My PhD work is funded by the graduate school GSForest. I am involved in two larger projects lead by Finnish Environment Institute: "Restoration of forests on mineral and peat soil as a measure for nature conservation management and preservation of biological diversity (2010-2011)" and "Evaluation of ecosystem services from mires and peatlands (2010-2012)".

I cooperate with scientists studying restored mires in the University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic; I conducted my peat microbial activity measurements with them in their laboratory in Ceske Budejovice in Sept-Dec 2010. I have participated in the supervision of two interns and am currently involved in supervising one Master student.


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