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Diploma in the Human Rights of Women, Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights at the University of Lund, Sweden, 2007;

Ph.D., History, St. Petersburg State University and Herzen State Pedagogical University, St. Petersburg, 1999;

Master of Education in History Education, Herzen State Pedagogical University, St. Petersburg, 1998;

Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honors in History, Herzen State Pedagogical University, St. Petersburg, 1996.

Tutkimuksen ja opetuksen kuvaus

I have been engaged in research and policy activities with public and voluntary sector organisations since 1996. I have worked as a researcher, trainer and professor for academic and non-academic agencies and projects, including the UN (UNDP program in Central Asia), NGOs (including women’s shelters in St. Petersburg) and a number of universities in Russia, Finland, the US and the UK. My research and policy engaged projects have generated research income in excess of £500k, included those sponsored by the EC, US State Department, Joint Committee for Nordic Research Councils, Finnish Academy and Dutch National Research Organisation.

My research is interdisciplinary bringing together history, social sciences and law to examine long-term trends and patterns in social development with a special focus on normativity, gender and violence. Some of my most recent projects focus on human rights of women and austerity, conservative jurisprudence, violence against women, and family violence (violence against parents and domestic violence). I co-chair Women and Gender Network of the European Social Sciences History Conference and a founding member of the Russian Association of Women’s Historians (RAIZhI).


legal history, gender and law, gender-based violence, family violence, human rights of women, human rights of LGBTQI+, law and sexuality

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Senior Research Fellow, University of Tampere

elok. 2016heinäk. 2018

Professor of Law, Higher School of Economics, Moscow

maalisk. 2016maalisk. 2018

Visiting Professor of Sociology, Higher School of Economics, SPB

jouluk. 2014elok. 2017

Marie Curie Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Brookes University

syysk. 2013elok. 2015


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