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I hold a PhD in Theology in the field of Biblical Studies (June 2020, University of Helsinki) and I have specialized in Pauline studies, Septuagint Studies, and Psalms Studies. My current postdoctoral project Evoking Shame, Honor, Desire, and Disgust through Vocabulary of Sex Work in the Ancient Jewish Sources and in the New Testament applies perspectives of emotion studies, affect theories, and sociological understanding of sex work to examine the affect-laden vocabulary of sex work in the biblical texts. Both in antiquity and in contemporary societies, sex work is often referred to in either mystified and/or stigmatized manner in literature, popular culture, and political debates by means of evoking certain emotions. My study scrutinizes what kind of emotions are related to the sex work vocabulary and how the biblical writers make use of the provoked emotions.

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Vieraileja tutkija, University of Edinburgh

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