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Research interests

• Campylobacter spp.  as zoonotic food and waterborne  pathogens

Helicobacter spp. as pathogens

• Waterborne microbial pathogens



I am responsible to organize and teach environmental health for students in veterinary medicine in the curriculum of veterinary medicine.  Environmental health is defined in the curriculum as a topic addressing biological, physical and chemical environment which may impact human health at individual and population level. 

Central teaching topics are:

• Microbiological and chemical quality of drinking water,

• safety of indoor and outdoor swimming,

• indoor and outdoor air quality,  

• waste handling, as well as

• strategies and policy to protect regional and global environmental health and

• legislation in control  of environmental health.




Research approaches

• Epidemiology and molecular epidemiology

• Taxonomy, phylogeny and evolution

• Antimicrobial resistance

• Host-bacterium interaction




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  • INNUENDO whole genome and core genome MLST schemas and datasets for Campylobacter jejuni

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