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My primary research interest is in the impact of climate change on sensitive high-latitude and high-altitude lake environments, and associated consequences for aquatic ecosystem functioning and global biogeochemical cycles. I am further interested in the complex interactions and combined effects of diverse human pressures on aquatic ecosystems along with their implications for water management. In my work I employ paleolimnological techniques in combination with limnological and experimental approaches. The temporal focus of my work is on the postglacial period and the Anthropocene and I work with diverse paleobiological, geochemical, and bio-optical tools. I finished my PhD in geology at the University of Helsinki in 2017, investigating spatial and temporal carbon variability and ecological change in subarctic lakes. My current research in the Academy of Finland funded project ‘Sedimentary perspectives on UV radiation and organic carbon fluctuations in mountains lakes’ aims to unravel connections between underwater UV and optical environment, aquatic carbon cycling, and climate variability.


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