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Organization:      Helsinki Institute of Physics, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland




|  2021-              Assistant Professor, Gangneung-Wonju National University (Visiting scalar, Helsinki Institute of Phyiscs)

l  2018-2021      Senior Researcher, Helsinki Institute of Physics, University of Helsinki

l  2013-2018      Research Professor, Kyungpook National University

l  2010-2013      Research Associate, Sungkyunkwan University (based full-time at CERN)

l  2010 (Oct)      Research Associate, University of Toronto (based full-time at CERN)

l  2007-2010      Research Associate, Centre for Particle Physics, University of Alberta

(based at CERN from Sep 2009)

l  2005-2007      Post-doctoral Research Associate, University of Pittsburgh



l  2005               Ph.D., Physics, Kyungpook National University, Daegu, Korea

Thesis: Search for Gauge-Mediated SUSY Breaking in Diphoton Events in  Collisions at Ös = 1.96 TeV

l  1999               M.Sc., Physics, Kyungpook National University, Daegu, Korea

Thesis: Measurement of Parity Violation with Polarized Electrons to Proton

l  1997               B.Sc., Physics, Kyungpook National University, Daegu, Korea



l  2002-2003      Fellowship for the promising Ph.D. candidate, Korea Research Foundation

l  2001-2004      Research Fellow, the Center for High Energy Physics in Korea

l  1994-1996      University Scholarship, Kyungpook National University



l  2016-2018      Basic Research Grant, National Research Foundation of Korea


Research Experiences with Collider-based Particle Physics:

CMS experiment



 Measurements of underlying event and top-quark mass. Multi-jet analysis for jet energy corrections and uncertainties.




 Searches for new physics using vector boson fusion (VBF), bottom fermion fusion (BFF) and highly boosted Z bosons. Analysis framework. VBF HLT trigger development and efficiency measurement. Monte Carlo signal validation for BFF selection. Isolation study of the boosted objects.




 Alternative determination and consistency checks for the top-quark mass. Feasibility study of analysis method for the modeling of background shape.




 Gas leak searches, measurements and reparations of Resistive Plate Chambers (RPCs) in the CMS underground cavern. Estimation of the muon identification efficiency improvement by the muon endcap upgrades. Implementation of a new muon reconstruction algorithm using RPC and tracker. Measurement of muon reconstruction improvement by the RPCs.




 Measurement of the  production cross section using particle flow algorithm. Performance study of the combined conversion track reconstruct algorithm in search for Higgs to gg.


ATLAS experiment



 Identification of jet mis-reconstructed from individual noisy channels or problematic regions in the Liquid Argon Calorimeter, and sources of fake missing transverse energy, and cosmic-ray backgrounds. Investigation of the candidate events in the high multiplicity object signature search.




 Development of a distributed trigger system using LHC computing grid. Evaluation of the system performance on event reconstruction using Linux farms and Grids in ATLAS Canada Tier-1 and Tier-2 centers.


CDF experiment



 Search for anomalous production of diphoton events with missing transverse energy. Improved limits on Gauge-Mediated supersymmetry breaking models. Best limits by combining the results of the CDF and DØ searches. Assembly, test and installation of Central Pre-Radiator (CPR) for Run IIb upgrade. Commissioning of CPR detector with cosmic rays.




 Estimation of the total expected thickness of CDF detector materials for photon background subtraction. Measurement of the photon conversion probability for a conversion method of photon background subtraction. Alignment of CPR detector. Effect of Time-of-Flight detector on electromagnetic shower profile in photon identification.

Research Experiences with Neutrino Physics:

MINOS experiment



 Investigation of a method that effectively yields the shape of the neutrino flux as a function of energy (the so-called low-nu method) in measurement of neutrino and antineutrino total cross sections. PMT gain calibrations using an LED based light-injection system for near and far detectors. Prediction of the hadron-nucleus cross section to analyze experimental information for GENIE C++ Neutrinos MC Generator.

MINERvA experiment



 Integration test of the DAQ system for prototype readout electronics using a PC/VME controller. Basic input/output functionality, cross-talk and ADC pedestal shift measurements using the test stand that injects external charges into input channels.


Detector R&D:



 Detector R&D in a lab at a university - prototype fabrication and testing of Bakelite RPC chamber. CMS detector simulation tool installation and test.




 HAPPEX experiment at Jefferson Lab. Geometry design and material considerations for electron counters to probe the strange structure of the nucleon via parity violating electron scattering. Study of a systematic effect by polarized electron beam.





 CMS ARC member and Top PAG contact of Jet-MET




 Teacher in CMS Data Analysis School




 Commissioning coordinator for the RPC detector in Long Shutdown 1




 Volunteer guide to CERN Exchange Program for Korean Science Teachers




 Data Quality Monitoring expert for the Jet/ETmiss group, conducting a Data Quality Assessment on processed data




 ATLAS event scanning team for the visual investigation of interesting candidates for multi-jets, W/Z, Top, SUSY and Exotics at LHC startup


Teaching Experiences:



 Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Kyungpook National University

General Physics Laboratory




 Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Kyungpook National University

Quantum Mechanics Course


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