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Monica Lemos is a PhD candidate at the Center for Research on Activity Development and Learning (CRADLE) at the University of Helsinki, Finland,  where she was also the coordinator of the Summer School on Activity Theory and Formative interventions in 2013. She has a major in English Language and a master degree in Applied Linguistics and Language Studies at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP), Brazil. Besides, she was pedagogical coordinator in the English course at the Brazilian Central Bank managed by Brasilia University (UnB) and lecturer in the Pedagogy course at Caieiras Metrpolitan College. She was also a lecturer at the educational extension courses at the  Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (COGEAE-PUC-SP), Brazil, working in courses related to Pedagogical Coordinator Education and Teaching and Learning Theories. Her research experience comprises her participation in the Language and Activities in Educational Contexts (LACE) research group since the beginning of the 2000's, group in which she has been taking part as a researcher in different projects such as: Reading and Writing and Different Areas (LEDA), Learning and Playing (AB), All Stars- Multiple Worlds  and Management in Creative Chains, which is the focus of her PhD.


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