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PhD in Sociology, National Research University - Higher School of Economics, Moscow

Media Management, MSc, The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Management in Mass Media, MA, Higher School of Economics, Moscow

Supply Chain Management, BA (Specialist), Higher School of Economics, Moscow


I have been studying various aspects of Russian media sphere for more than 5 years. My research interests revolve around state-media relations and media control, local and hyperlocal journalism, digitalisation of media. From January 2020 I work in the project 'Sustainable journalism for algorithmic future', which studies challenges of algorithmic journalism in Russia and beyond.

I work at the intersection of media studies, internet studies and employ social constructionist approach to explore new agency and responsibilities of human actors in AI-driven media and algorithmic journalism.  

I use primarily qualitative methods such as interview and participatory observation. I have extensive experienceof conducting fieldwork in Russia, where interviewed numerous journalists, editors, media managers and other media practitioners. I am also interested in new quali-quantitative methods and algorithmic ethnography methods to better understand algorithms' implications on today's media.   


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