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Panu Juhani Somervuo

  • PL 65 (Viikinkaari 1)



  • Viikinkaari 1, Biocentre 3

    00790 Helsinki



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My background is in signal processing, pattern recognition, and machine learning. Before starting to do bioinformatics, I was working with automatic speech recognition and neural networks at Neural Networks Research Centre, Helsinki University of Technology. Year 2005 I moved to Viikki campus of University of Helsinki. During 2005-2010 I did microarray data analysis including detection, gene expression, and array comparative genomic hybridization. Majority of that work was done with custom arrays where I did also the probe design. During that time I participated as a teacher in several microarray courses at UH and IT center CSC, and an Erasmus course in Italy. Year 2010 I joined Metapopulation Research Group to participate in a butterfly sequencing project. I have run NGS teaching courses both at the university and CSC in Finland, at University of Mauritius, Uppsala (Sweden), Cape Town (South Africa), and Bari (Italy). At the moment I am in Otso Ovaskainen's group working to build a taxonomic classifier for DNA data.

Being an engineer, I am interested in machine learning methods and Bayesian modeling. At the same time I am curious to understand biology better.


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