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Since early 2000 Pirjo Aunio has done research about development and learning of mathematical skills, learning difficulties in mathematics, assessment of mathematical performance and development, and mathematical and related cognitive skills interventions. She has done a unique work in developing evidence-based assessment and intervention tools to be used by teachers with funding from Ministry of Education and Culture. She has published more than 60 peer-review articles and books related to her research area. Pirjo Aunio works as a professor (Special Education, 2013->) in University of Helsinki. At the moment she has also a visiting professor (Early Childhood Education) position in University of Johannesburg (South Africa). She is in a member of editorial board for three international scientific journal and regular reviewer for international scientific journals and research grant foundations. She is currently leading research project “The developmental dynamics and interaction between motor and early numeracy skills within 3- 6 year old children” with funding from Finnish Cultural Foundation and Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture (National Sports Council), 2019-2023. She also leads a reserach project in South Africa focusing developmental dynamics in children's mathematical, language, executive functions and motor skills. In all her projects there is active development of new eviodence based measurements to identify children with mathematical learning difficulties. 



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