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Salla Aldrin Salskov holds a Phd in Philosophy (Åbo Akademi University) and is a postdoctoral researcher in gender studies within the research project Will to Relevance – Ideals in Finland-Africa Collaborations in Biomedicine and Gender Studies (Academy of Finland, University of Helsinki). She works on epistemic habits, societal relevance and the politics of knowledge production by critically assessing what kinds of theoretical, political and ethical investments and positionalities, imagined and real, are made through particular delineations of “proper objects” in feminist, queer and anti-racist academia and activism.

Her work on feminist philosophy, epistemic habits, HBTQI+-activism, polarization, whiteness, intersectionality, racism and racialization, Wittgenstein, sexuality and queer love has been published in Sexualities, NORMA: International Journal of Masculinity Studies, NORA – Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research, Feminist Encounters: A Journal of Critical Studies in Culture and Politics, and Policy Futures in Education, and other collected volumes.

She has co-edited a special issue on feminist epistemic habits and critique for Feminist Encounters: A Journal of Critical Studies in Culture and Politics (2017), and a special issue for SQS-journal, the national journal of queer studies in Finland (2019). She is one of the editors of Ethical Inquiries After Wittgenstein, (Springer, 2022).

Salla has been teaching gender studies courses for over ten years, on topics such as #metoo, gender and globalization, gendered and sexualized violence, feminist science studies, feminist philosophy, feminist classics, feminist theory and methodology, academic writing, embodiment and bodily practices. 

Her experience of playing and coaching Roller Derby informs her commitment to anti-racist, gender and queer theory and politics. 



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PhD, Åbo Akademi

22 syysk. 2022 → …

Doctoral Student Gender Studies, University of Helsinki


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