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* Address: Department of Teacher Education, University of Helsinki
P.O. Box 9 (5A, Siltavuorenpenger), FI-00014 University of Finland, Finland
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Seppo TELLA, Ph.D; Phil.Lic., M.A., official translator, was a Full Professor of Foreign Language Education, University of Helsinki, Director of the Research Group for Foreign Language Education (ReFLEct), and Vice Head of the Department of Teacher Education. He was the 1st Vice Dean of the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences in 2007–2009. He worked as a Full Professor of Media Education in 1996–2001 and as Director of the Media Education Centre in 1996–2004. He continues to work as a specialist in educational use of information and communication technologies (ICTs). He is a subject teacher education specialist and, as Chair of the Department’s Academic Affairs Committee, in general charge of the Department’s future curriculum development.      

He has coordinated or worked in many international projects (e.g., OLE, Applaud, Fetiche, Fetiche 2000, Triple-M, Lac 2000, MMM, FI3L, Observatoire européen, SCOPE, TEPD, POP, CEFTrain, WebCEF, InnoSchool, COST, CEFcult, CoCuTel) and in national projects (e.g., LIVE, FLE, TriO, Impact, KasVi, HelLa, Kielet, MOMENTS, InnoEdu, TVT koulun arjessa, KIELO). He has worked as an International Consultant and Expert in several countries (e.g., Botswana, Bulgaria, Nepal, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sweden), and as an External Evaluator or Reviewer in several European Commission Information Society Technology programme projects. He has also worked as an Exchange Researcher in the US and as a Visiting Professor and a Senior Research Fellow at Waseda University in Japan.

He has written and coauthored extensively about foreign language education (FLE), language technology, the didactic teaching–studying–learning process (TSL), future language teaching, teacher education systems, media education, educational use of information and communication technologies (ICTs), network-based education (NBE), social media, and new knowledge creation. He has also focused on multi-, inter-, cross- and transdisciplinary research approaches; formal, informal and non-formal education; teacher cognition and methodical approaches used in Finnish foreign language classrooms, and, increasingly, on issues related to inter- or transcultural issues, including developing and assessing intercultural communicative competence (ICC).

He has been awarded the 1st Class Knight Medal of the Order of the Finnish White Rose, and the Finnish State’s Civil Service Medal.

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    Seppo Tella (Puhuja: puheenjohtaja)

    24 toukok. 2011

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    Seppo Tella (Vieraileva tutkija)

    11 lokak. 201114 lokak. 2011

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    Seppo Tella (Isäntä)

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