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Sointu Leikas, PhD (psychology), docent (personality psychology), post-doctoral researcher
My research interests include (a) the dynamics of personality processes in the course of everyday life, (b) social behavior and social competence, and (c) group dynamics. I am currently a post-doctoral researcher in the research project How do we become who we are?, led by professor Jan-Erik Lönnqvist and funded by the Academy of Finland.

The goal of the project is to investigate longitudinal trajectories of development in personality, social competence, interpersonal relationships, academic achievement, and well-being. In this project, we utilize the Helsinki Millenium Cohort data. The millennium cohort, consisting of children born in the year 2000 and residing in Helsinki, has in the Helsinki Millennium Cohort study been followed from 2007 onward. We now have eight waves of data, all of which have been collected in collaboration with the Centre for Educational Assessment and the city of Helsinki. During the follow-up, data on these children’s personality, cognitive ability, well-being, educational attainment, and social relationships has been collected via self-reports, teacher-reports, parent-reports, peer-reports, performance tests, and archival data. With regards to the research questions related to the development of social competence and interpersonal relationships, sociometers obtained at two waves, at age 9 and 11, are especially valuable.

I am currently tutoring Master’s theses on the topics of personality processes and social behavior.


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