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Curriculum Vitae

Kivimäki, Timo Antero, Ph.D.,

 Department of Political and Economic Studies,

University of Helsinki  



  • 6/1993: Doctoral Dissertation ("Distribution of Benefits in diplomatic bargaining between a Superpower and a Developing Country", 220 pp.) Grade; Magna cum laude, (Examiner: Prof. I. William Zartman).
  • 5/1989: Licentiate of Political Science (International Relations), University of Helsinki.
  • 10/1985: Master of Political Science at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Political Science, Department of Political Science, International Relations subprogram.
  • Studies in international law (20 ECTS) and University Pedagogic (20 ECTS).



  • 1/2013 University Lecturer, Department of Political and Economic Studies, University of Helsinki.
  • 01/2011- Chairman of the Board, Calx Proclivia.
  • 01/2011-07/2012 Member of core research group, East Asian Peace program, Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University.
  • 01/2010- Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen (on leave).
  • 10/2001-31.12. 2001 Acting Director, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, Copenhagen
  • 8/1999-12/2009 Senior Researcher, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, Copenhagen.
  • 8/1996‑6/1999 Acting Professor of Political Science/International Politics, University of Helsinki.
  • 8/1995‑7/1996 Acting Professor of International Relations, University of Lapland.
  • 4/1995‑7/1995 Acting Director, Institute of Development Studies, University of Helsinki.
  • 1/1995-4/1995 Senior Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Turku.
  • 9/1992-12/1994 Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Helsinki.
  • 3/1989-8/1992 Teaching Assistant, Department of Political Science, University of Helsinki.



  • 7/2006-03/2012 Project Director, Capacity-Building in Conflict Prevention in Southeast Asian Conflict Areas (Southern Thailand, Aceh, Mindanao, Poso, Ambon, West Kalimantan). The project in West Kalimantan was taken over by Indonesia’s Vice President in 2009 as it was transformed into a peace negotiation process between the leaders of the previous conflicting parties. 


  • 10/2011 Trainer of the Moldovan negotiation panel for peace negotiations on Transnistria.
  • 4/2012 Trainer of the Chin National Front panel for peace negotiations with the government of Myanmar.
  • 6-10/2011: Team Leader, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung project “Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment (PCIA) of Bosnia and Herzegovina”.
  • 6-10/2009: Team Leader, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung project “Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment (PCIA) as an instrument of conflict-sensitive development cooperation & PCIA of Burma/Myanmar”.
  • 06/2005- 12.9. 2006 Co-director of the Review of ASEM’s First Decade. Commissioned by the ASEM Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (Kyoto, May 2005).
  • 1-6/2007: Project Director, Evaluation of APISA (Asian Political and International Studies Association), for SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency).
  • 7/2004, Project Director/Team Leader, Global Security Overview 2004-5 for Nokia Corporation.
  • 8/2003-7/2004 Project Director in a study on Islamic Terrorism for the Finnish Foreign Ministry.
  • 2/2004-4/2004 Team Leaders/Project Director in an international research project on Economic Factors and Recruitment to Terrorism (leading a team including many of worlds leading terrorism specialists, such as Rohan Gunaratna, Peter Chalk & Andrew Tan) to the Danish Foreign Ministry.
  • 09/2008-11/2009 Team Leader, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung project, Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment of Burma/Myanmar.
  • 09-12/2004 Team Leader, Background study for EU-Indonesian framework agreement for the EU Commission.
  • 6/2003-6/2006 Team Leader in a Research Cooperation and Research Training project of the Indonesian Conflict Studies Network for the EuropeAid under the framework of EU’s Asia Link Program.
  • 1/2003-8/2003 Team Leader in a research project on Aid and Terrorism for the Danish Foreign Ministry.


  • 01-05/2005 Expert assistance to President Martti Ahtisaari and his mediating team related to the Aceh Peace Process.


  • 10/2008- Senior Adviser to Indonesia’s Vice President’s Political Deputy’s conflict resolution, and peace building work in West Kalimantan, Poso and Ambon.
  • 08/2005- Senior Adviser in Post-Conflict Reconstruction to the Social Section of the Aceh Reconstruction Council (BRR) of President Susilo Bambang Yudhuyono, 8/2005- 31.5. 2008.
  • 6-8/2010: Senior Expert in Crisis Management Initiative – Office of President Ahtisaari project “Democracy and Conflict Prevention in Burma”. Commissioned by the Finnish Foreign Ministry.
  • 2/2010 & 2011 Lecturer (2*16 hours) Estonian Diplomatic School’s course on Crisis Management in Asia and Africa, to Estonian, Ukrainan, Moldovian, and Georgian diplomats.
  • 12/2007-3/2008, Senior Expert, Crisis Management Initiative – Office of President Ahtisaari project “Mapping of Burma/Myanmar Conflicts”. Commissioned by the European Commission.
  • 6/2006-6/2007:Senior Expert in Evaluation of Coordination and Coherence in the Application of Article 96 of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement for the Foreign Ministry of the Netherlands.
  • 10/2004 Participation in a project of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs on Future Regional Developments for the Finnish Defense Ministry. Authoring one of the chapters.
  • 6-8/2004 Participation in a policy development project New Security Threats of the Finnish Foreign Ministry. Authoring the chapter on Terrorism and co-authoring the one on Small Arms and Light Weapons.




  • Number of PhD students supervised: 13
  • Number of M.A. students supervised: >70
  • Number of hours lectures given in Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Estonia, Indonesia, Burma/Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, USA and the Philippines: >1500.
  • Publications written with students: 11
  1. (With 13 undergraduate students as second writers) Sanat ja Teot Suomen kehitysyhteistyössä (Words and Deeds in Finland’s Development Cooperation: a Quantitative Analysis.99pp.) Finnish Institute for International Affairs, Helsinki 1995.
  1. Kivimäki, Rintakoski, Lahdensuo and Cairns (student) Supporting Democratic and Peaceful Change in Burma/Myanmar. Crisis Management, Helsinki 2010.
  2. Ulrich & Kivimäki Uncertain Security: Confronting Transnational Crime in the Baltic and Northern Europe. Lexington: Lanham, 2002.
  3. Kivimäki, Lehtinen (student) and Laakso. Arms Management and Conflict Transformation in Mali: A Review and A Reinterpretation, University of Helsinki Press 1998. (72pp)
  4. Lehtinen & Kivimäki. Development Cooperation and the promotion of democracy, Human Rights and Good Governance. University of Helsinki Press, 1998 (113 pp.)
  5. Phar  & Kivimäki ”Moderation as the corrective of the 21st century” Edge Malaysia 2012.
  6. Agustono & Kivimäki. “Regional Empowerment and Ethnic Conflict in North Sumatra”, The Indonesian Quarterly, Vol. 32, No. 2, 2004.
  7. Kivimäki & Thorning. “Democratization and Regional Power Sharing in Papua/Irian Jaya”, Asian Survey, August 2002.
  8. Kivimäki & Gubara Said Hassan. “West-Islam Relations as a Context and catalyst of Terrorism”, in Kivimäki 2005.
  9. Gubara Said Hassan & Kivimäki “Dialogue and the Islam-West Tension” in Kivimäki 2005.
  10. Gubara Said Hassan & Kivimäki “The Conflict in the Sudan”, in Kivimäki & Laakso 2000.
  • Courses taught:
  1. Introduction to international politics.
  2. Theories of international relations and conflicts.
  3. Quantitative methods in the study of international relations and conflicts.
  4. Qualitative methods in the study of international relations and conflicts.
  5. Theory and practice of conflict prevention and peace negotiation.
  6. Media and conflicts.
  7. Democracy and conflicts.
  8. Development and conflicts.
  9. East Asian politics.
  10. Asian peace processes.
  11. Study of peace and conflicts in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
  12. China’s strategic behavior.
  13. ASEAN and the theory of regionalism.
  14. Theories of exploitation in international relation.







Finnish                                Mother tongue.

English                                Fluent (primary working language for the past 15 years).

Danish                                Fluent (language of my home country for 13 years).

Swedish                              Fluent (language of wife and children).

Indonesian                          Fair (language of major projects).

German, Spanish,Malaysian    Elementary.


  • 517 Valtio-oppi, hallintotiede

Julkaisut 2005 2014

Can Legalism Avoid War in the South China Sea?

Kivimäki, T., 8 tammikuuta 2014, julkaisussa : e-International relations. 1, 2 Sivumäärä

Tutkimustuotos: ArtikkelijulkaisuArtikkeliTieteellinen

Can the Pragmatic East Asian Approach to Human Security Offer a Way for the Deepening of the Long Peace of East Asia?

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: Voiko pragmaattinen Itä.Aasialainen inhimillisen turvallisuuden käsite tarjota tavan Itä-Aasian pitkän rauhan syventämiseksi?Kivimäki, T., 6 joulukuuta 2014, julkaisussa : Journal of Human Security. 10, 1, s. 76-88 12 Sivumäärä

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Politiikasta.fi-raati: Miten menee, politiikan tutkimus?

Heusala, A-L., Ojanen, H., Patomäki, H., Rytövuori-Apunen, H., Haukkala, H., Korhonen, P., Urpelainen, J., Mäkinen, J., Aunesluoma, J., Mashiri, J., Palonen, E., Huhtinen, A-M., Kivimäki, T. & Holli, A., 1 elokuuta 2014, julkaisussa : Politiikasta.fi.

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Open access

Politiikasta.fi-raati: Suomettumisen paluu

Hast, S., Huhtinen, A-M., Rainio-Niemi, J., Vihavainen, T., Kansikas, S., Mäkinen, J., Heusala, A-L., Matala, S., Browning, C. & Kivimäki, T., 17 lokakuuta 2014, julkaisussa : Politiikasta.fi.

Tutkimustuotos: ArtikkelijulkaisuArtikkeliYleistajuinen

Open access

Regional cooperation and joint development in the South China Sea: speech that acts, action that speaks

Kivimäki, T., 2014, Non-Traditional Security Issues and the South China Sea : Shaping a New Framework for Cooperation. Wu, S. & Zou, K. (toim.). 1 toim. Farnham: Ashgate, Vuosikerta 2014. s. 17-31 15 Sivumäärä (Contemporary Issues in the South China Sea).

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Projektit 2003 2004

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Islam, terrorism and North-South Interaction

Saarnivaara, M., Kivimäki, T., Hassan, G. & Huuhtanen, H.


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