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I joined REC Research Centre for Ecological Change in the beginning of 2018 after MRC Metapopulation Research Centre ended in December 2017. I'm a project coordinator and my main duties consist of the financial and personnel administration as well as the international project management and communication of the group. I am also taking care of various research supporting tasks e.g. tendance of the research plants in the greenhouse, organising trips and meetings, preparing reports and funding applications, placing orders and handling them, preparing budgets, userhelp and administration of the university management data systems etc.

I started my studies in the University of Helsinki in 2001 right after my matriculation examination. My major was Morphological-ecological zoology and my minors were animal physiology and genetics. I spent a year in England as an Erasmus exchange student studing animal science in Imperial College London in Wye campus. I got my master's degree in December 2007. I did my master's thesis for the reindeer research station of The Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute and my master's thesis dealt with ecological state of the reindeer pastures in Northern Lappland nature conservation areas.

I have worked for the Helsinki zoo Korkeasaari as a guide & event orginiser and in the Faculty of Medicine as a research technician. Animals as well as nature are very close to my heart and I hope I can keep on working amongst these important fields in the future as well.

On my free time I spend a lot of time with my frieds and family as well as with different types of furry friends. I have two kids Miio and Liia that mean the world to me. I'm also playing football in HPS as a goalkeeper. My other hobbbies are photography, needlework, snowboarding (which I'm still quite bad at, but it's so much fun), roller-skating and aerobics.


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Centre of Excellence in Metapopulation Research

Hanski, I., Ojanen, S., Forsblom, V., Mononen, T., Duplouy, A., De Jong, M. & Meyke, E.


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Bess Hardwick (Osallistuja), Laura Antao (Osallistuja), Viia Forsblom (Osallistuja), Maria Hällfors (Osallistuja), Pauliina Hyttinen (Osallistuja), Malcolm Itter (Osallistuja), Elina Kaarlejärvi (Osallistuja), Anna-Liisa Laine (Osallistuja), Øystein Opedal (Osallistuja), Otso Ovaskainen (Osallistuja), Marjo Saastamoinen (Osallistuja), Jarno Vanhatalo (Osallistuja), Benjamin Weigel (Osallistuja), Tomas Roslin (Osallistuja)
syyskuuta 2019

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Gunung Mulu National Park

Viia Forsblom (Vieraileva tutkija)
23 maaliskuuta 201314 huhtikuuta 2013

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SAB meeting

Viia Forsblom (Järjestäjätoimikunnan jäsen)
3 lokakuuta 20127 lokakuuta 2012

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