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Henkilökohtainen profiili


CHEN Ying Hsien, from Taiwan, is a doctoral researcher of (Ethno)musicology at the University of Helsinki. Her doctoral research concerns the Japanese enthusiasm for the Finnish kantele, particularly looking at the dynamic changes of the kantele and its music in transcultural contexts. As a perfomer-researcher, she worked with  Japanese women, who are the main practitioners. Her dissertation is a sub-project of the World Wide Women: Female Musicians Crossing Borders and Building Futures project funded by the Kone Foundation. 

  • Academic status: doctoral researcher
  • Academic fields: ethnomusicology, Japanese studies, kantele study
  • Research topics and interests: intercultural exchange, Finnish folk music, traditional music, imported music, gender 
  • Other activities: active writer; organizer of cultural exchange projects.


  • 611 Filosofia

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