Best Student Paper at the Nineteenth Australasian Computing Education Conference: for article "Performance and Consistency in Learning to Program"

  • Alireza Ahadi (Vastaanottaja), Raymond Lister (Vastaanottaja), Shahil Lal (Vastaanottaja), Leinonen, Juho (Vastaanottaja) & Vihavainen, Arto (Vastaanottaja)

Palkinto: Palkinnot ja kunnianosoitukset


Performance and consistency play a large role in learning. Decreasing the effort that one invests into course work may have short-term benefits such as reduced stress. However, as courses progress, neglected work accumulates and may cause challenges with learning the course content at hand.

In this work, we analyze students' performance and consistency with programming assignments in an introductory programming course. We study how performance, when measured through progress in course assignments, evolves throughout the course, study weekly fluctuations in students' work consistency, and contrast this with students' performance in the course final exam.

Our results indicate that whilst fluctuations in students' weekly performance do not distinguish poor performing students from well performing students with a high accuracy, more accurate results can be achieved when focusing on the performance of students on individual assignments which could be used for identifying struggling students who are at risk of dropping out of their studies.

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Tapahtuman otsikkoNineteenth Australasian Computing Education Conference
PaikkaGeelong, Australia
Aikajakso31 tammikuuta 2017 → 3 helmikuuta 2017