M-real magazine awards (GN is the founding member of magazine team): GN was (together with Jukka Häkkinen,POEM) the UH members in the team that created the concept.

    Palkinto: Palkinnot ja kunnianosoitukset


    The magazine and its designers have received numerous international rewards:
    Best designed customer magazine 2001 (MDA)
    Best use of illustration 2002 (MDA)
    Magazine of the year 2002 (Printing magazine)
    Designer of the year 2004 (UK, PPA)
    Designer of the year 2005 (UK, PPA)
    Best printing of a professional magazine 2006 (Printing world)
    Yellow pencil award 2006 (D&AD)
    Bronze medal, best overall design 2006 (USA, Pearl awards)
    Also 10 positions as shortlisted.

    Team member, concept creator