Professor Pirjo Kukkonen Fund for The Library of Translations at the National Library of Finland, a part of the Fund of Cultural Heritage

  • Kukkonen, Pirjo (Vastaanottaja)

Palkinto: Palkinnot ja kunnianosoitukset


The Professor Pirjo Kukkonen fund was established in her name as a part of the fund of cultural heritage at The National Library of Finland. The purpose of the fund is to preserve, collect and increase world wide cultural heritage focused on the important role of translation as a means of transferring knowledge and cultural heritage by translation traffic, that is, importing and exporting translations, between various languages, nations, and cultures. This will be realised as a digital project, The Library of Translations – Översättningsbiblioteket – Käännösten kirjasto, as a part of the digital library at The National Library of Finland and its Cultural Heritage Fund. The pilot project of translations promotes open access while presenting resources in digitised form; originals and translations as parallel texts will increase their visibility, availability and usability of the collections of translations through the interface.
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