Thesis prize by European Group of Public Law, 2000, for the PhD thesis ” The European Way. The Structure of National Court Obligation under EC Law” (Saarijärvi, 1998)

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In September 1994, the European Group of Public Law (EGPL), the European Scientific Council of the EPLO, decided to establish the doctoral/postdoctoral “Thesis Prize” to be awarded on an annual basis to the best doctoral or postdoctoral public law thesis characterized by its European dimension.

The winner, selected by an ad hoc Committee of the European Group of Public Law, is invited to present his/her ideas and thoughts expressed in the thesis at the EGPL Annual Reunion (every September in Greece), while an article based on his/her thesis is published in the European Review of Public Law.

See Ojanen, T.: The Changing Concept of Direct Effect of Community Law. 12 Europe¬an Review of Public Law (2000), 1253-1270.
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YksikötEuropean Group of Public Law

Palkinnot ja kunnianosoitukset

eventAnnual Reunion (every September in Greece) of European Group of Public Law 2000
location64th Km, Athens-Sounion Ave., Legraina,19500 Greece, Athens, Kreikka
Aikajakso18 syyskuuta 2000 → 22 syyskuuta 2000