3D glaciogenic stratigraphy of the Hannukainen area (Kolari, Lapland, Finland)

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The present research proposal is based on mutual interests on the study of the sedimentary cover in the Hannukainen area (Kolari, Lapland, Finland) toward the realisation of a 3D geological model of the sedimentary succession. The contract establishes collaborations between Northland Mines OY and the University of Helsinki for the period of the 1st of September 2011 to the 31st of Decem-ber 2011. Northland Mine OY is willing to extend the Hannukainen mining site. In order to assess their environmental impact, Northland Mines OY needs to gather accurate information on the local-ly complex sedimentary cover and the aquifers it hosts. Recent pilot research proved that important stratigraphic, sedimentological and palaeoenvironmental record are uniquely preserved in the sur-roundings of Hannukainen. A research team at the University of Helsinki is intending to study this exceptional site to unravel part of the glacial history of Northern Finland. By realising joint indus-try-academia collaboration, the production of a sound 3D sedimentological model of the Hannukai-nen mining site is expected to satisfy the interests of Northland Mines OY and the University of Hel-sinki research team.
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