Academy research fellow: Lymphatic endothelial cell interactions in guidance of lymphatic capillary growth and dendritic cell transmigration

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Lymphatic vessels e.g. drain the tissue fluid and traffic leukocytes from peripheral tissues to lymph nodes. The trafficking function can also be disadvantageous in the context of tumor metastases and transplant rejection. Together these functions emphasize lymphatic vessels as potential targets for treating multiple diseases. Lymphatic vessels are composed of lymphatic endothelial cells, which form a dense tree-like structure. As components of the network, the individual endothelial cells actively regulate the tissue fluid and leukocyte entry into the lumen of the lymphatic vessel. In my studies in the University of Helsinki, I will investigate how lymphatic endothelial cell interactions with the tissue environment, other lymphatic vessels and leukocytes shape the structure and function of the lymphatic vessel networks in development, homeostasis and inflammation.
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