CEFcult - Web-based tools for evaluating Intercultural Communicative Competence (ICC) with reference to the Common European Framework

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    CEFcult is an EU Lifelong Learning Programme Project. CEFcult builds on the CEFR and the recently-completed WebCEF project to develop an online tool for assessing both oral language and intercultural communication skills. In this way, CEFcult brings together the needs of businesses and of educational institutions in Europe. The background idea of the CEFcult project is that success in intercultural professional communication requires not only language skills, but also the ability to understand and deal with cultural differences. The project intends to develop several concrete outputs, including:
    - a web-environment for self-, peer-, and expert- assessment, integrating CEF-scales with other rating scales for intercultural communicative competence
    - a set of authentic communication tasks (scenarios) through which learners can assess their speaking skills for intercultural professional purposes in different European languages
    - training materials for self-, peer- and expert assessment in education and enterprises
    - research-supported guidelines for foreign language teaching and educational policy based on observed international inter-rater differences
    - viable and tested model(s) for collaborative assessment among higher education institutes, enterprises, and various partnership brokers
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