CEFTrain Comenius (Common European Framework of Reference for languages in teacher training)


The CEFTrain project was a transnational initiative aiming to promote common European principles and standards in teacher education, as expressed in the Council of Europe's document "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment" (CEF). The project drew on and linked with decisions taken in the Lisbon and Barcelona summits. Common European values of democracy and multicultural involvement were promoted by exchange of national expertise and co-construction of teacher education materials and courses, which would be strengthened by educational uses of information and communication technologies, the Internet and network-based education. Project decisions were informed by the needs perceived in the different participant countries. These needs were identified in a survey to assess the degree of familiarisation with the CEF levels and proposals by teachers, teacher educators and teacher trainees. The project outcomes include stand-alone teacher education packages and courses, accessible in print and electronically.
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