Center of Excellence in in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Meteorology of Atmospheric Composition and Climate Change (ATM)

Projekti: Tutkimuksen arviointi 2011

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The research in ATM involves several fields of science such as physics, chemistry, meteorology, biology, agricultural and forest sciences, technology, and biogeosciences. It forms a framework where observations are based on unifying theoretical framework, and are carried out with up-to-date ground-based, airborne and satellite measurement techniques (including development of new devices and instrumentation), supporting each other. Furthermore, field observations are tested, compared, and analysed against laboratory experiments, and the underlying process understanding is tightly tied to theoretical and modeling work as well as model development. The ability to up-scale the small scale processes to the regional and global level phenomena and dynamics is of great importance for the society and scientific community. Our research includes all these components and also brings them to the level of the student training.

The ATM research and education has three strong pillars: an advanced research infrastructure (SMEAR stations and laboratories), a powerful and internationally oriented researcher community (Finnish and Nordic Centres of Excellence), and an efficient training structure based on best practices collected from several universities in Nordic and Baltic countries. Our doctoral training programme aims at educating multidisciplinary experts to tackle the future challenges of climate change, air quality problems and environmental technologies.

The ATM group includes 19 professors, 47 senior or post-doctoral researchers and 54 PhD students or technical staff.

Responsible person: Markku Kulmala, Department of Physics

Participation category: 1
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