Citizenship and journalistic practices

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The aim of this international network of academics and practitioners is to map out the different ways in which cultural and political citizenship is formulated by and through journalistic practices across nations and communities as well as in historical perspectives. This mapping exercise will serve to contextualise the current debates about active and mediated citizenship, particularly as expressed in citizen journalism, UGC, and social media.

Academic partner institutions:

University of Autonoma de Madrid, ES (contact: Liliana Suarez)
Bournemouth University, UK (contact: Stuart Allan and Einar Thorsen)
Cardiff University, UK (contact: Karin Wahl-Joergensen)
Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism, City University, UK (contact: Bolette B. Blaagaard)
Department of Journalism, City University, UK (contact: George Brock)
Universidad Complutense de Madrid, ES (contact: Concha Edo)
Goldsmith University, UK (contact: Natalie Fenton)
University of Helsinki, FI/New York University, US (contact: Karina Horsti)
London School of Economic, UK (contact: Lilie Chouliaraki)
National University of Ireland, Maynooth, EI (contact: Gavan Titley)
Centre for the Humanities, Utrecht University, NL (contact: Rosi Braidotti)

Practicing partner institutions:

The Guardian (contact: David Leigh)
The Guardian Online, Comment is Free (contact: Natalie Hanman)
NotOnTheWires (contact: Marcus Gilroy-Ware)
CrisisJam (contact: Gavan Titley)
Heather Brooke (contact: Heather Brooke)
Sodra sidan (contact: Petter Beckman)
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